Edges of Extinction

UCSC Science Notes, August 2015

Hands-on science is coming to California classrooms

San Jose Mercury News, June 06 02015 (pdf)

Drought promotes renewed interest in water tech

San Jose Mercury News, April 26 02015

Whale social network reveals surprising allies.

Science, Feb. 06 02015

(Science Shot)

The crow next door: We learn to live with urban explosion of crows, ravens. 

Santa Cruz Sentinel, Feb. 01 02015 (pdf)

San Jose Mercury News, Feb. 15 02015 (pdf)

Orangutans take the low road.

Science, Jan. 26 02015

(Science Shot)

Misfit marmots save the day.

Science, Jan. 23 02015.

(Science Shot)

Sharks sink in fresh water.

Science, Jan. 15 02015.

(Science Shot)

Timid rats use the buddy system.

Science, Jan. 09 02015.

(Science Shot)

Galactic Hybrid: NASA spacecraft reveal galaxy's true nature.

NASA Visualization Explorer, Dec. 30 02014.

Sterilizing for Mars.

AGU Eos, Dec 19 02014

Growing forests with fire.

AGU GeoSpace, Dec. 16 02014.

UCSC researchers link bat epidemic to hibernation.

Santa Cruz Sentinel, Dec. 03 02014.

UC announces training program in field research.

Santa Cruz Sentinel, Nov. 30 02014.

Commercial crabbing season begins Saturday.

Santa Cruz Sentinel, Nov. 13 02014.

Soquel vineyard cuts water use through dry farming.

Santa Cruz Sentinel, Nov. 08 02014.

Committed voters hit the polls in Santa Cruz County.

Santa Cruz Sentinel, Nov. 04 02014.

(with Leslie Willoughby)


UCSC provides new software that lets scientists browse private genetic data.

Santa Cruz Sentinel, Oct. 29 02014.